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Over the past 29 years, I have purchased 3 gooseneck trailers. Today I own only one. The other two have been stolen.

In the past when I looked at locks for gooseneck trailers, I was unable to find one that would lock the trailer to my satisfaction. There are coupler locks out there, but that’s just what they are. Coupler locks. They will lock the coupler, but if someone wants to steal the trailer, all they have to do is take the coupler out of the receiving tube and put their own coupler in its place. Then the trailer is ready for them to take.

I designed the GanderLock with this in mind. The GanderLock is designed to plug the receiving tube and make it so that the receiving tube won’t accept a coupler.
The biggest objection to the GanderLock has been that “People aren’t going to want to remove the coupler to put the lock in place.” I have been using this design since January 2008, and have found that it takes less than 5 minutes to drop the coupler out and install the lock. And about that much time to take the lock out and put the coupler in place when I use the trailer.

The GanderLock is made with the finest and most durable materials available. I think you will be pleased with the results when you use it.

Mark Cline


• High security locking mechanism

• Sets of up to 5 GanderLocks, keyed alike, in stock

• Packaged with a template; for use with older style trailers

• Manufactured in the United States with the finest materials available

• Patent Pending

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